A child molester’s profile


In 2004, while I was with DSWD we reported that there might be an increase of reported cases of child abuse in the Cordillera. While it is true that the data at that time indicated an alarming up-trend, there are ways to reverse it as well. But when reports like this and this come out it just frustrates me. I am sure the igorot blogger is too.

It is an on-going battle and for us to win the battle we must know the enemy. Here is an excerpt of a report on knowing the enemy.

An Abuser’s Profile

In 2001 the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) commissioned Ricardo Zarco, a sociologist, to profile convicted child abusers. Zarco went to the National Bilbid Prisons and came out with these descriptions:

  1. The perpetrators are all male and are all in their middle and late adulthood (30-59 years old). The average age is 39 years. However, it was noted that perpetrators seem to be getting younger.

  2. The majority are skilled workers and have an elementary education.

  3. Most of the offenders are known to the victim, and the abuse takes place within the territory of the offender. The closer the relationship between the victim and the offender, the more likely the abuse will be committed more than once.

  4. Offenders and victims generally come from lower classes: 77% of the offenders and 90% of the victims. Though child abuse also happens among the middle and upper classes, many of these go unreported.

In another study abusers are classified to two types. The first is labeled as “preferential child molesters”. Individuals under this category have a clear and overwhelming preference for children as sexual partners. They display four major characteristics:

  1. Long term and persistent pattern of behavior;

  2. Children as preferred sexual objects;

  3. Well developed techniques in obtaining victims;

  4. Sexual fantasies focusing on children, often involving the use of child pornography.

The second type of abusers defined is the “situational child molester”. Individuals who fall under this category do not necessarily have a true sexual preference for children, but engage in sex with children for varied and less compulsive reasons.

With the information we have at our finger tips we can make an impact in the lives of many children out there. To know more about the prevention of child abuse you can check this out.